Drafted for Teams

Automatically match your open jobs to good people already in your referral network





Referrals make the best hires. Drafted gets you more of them.

Automated sourcing parties

Drafted does the heavy lifting by scanning your collective networks and helping you shortlist people that are relevant for immediate positions.


Boost team engagement

Automatically identify passive candidates connected to team members and ask them for introductions through email or Slack.

Integrated into your workflow

Drafted has a growing list of integrations with Greenhouse, Lever, Slack, and Google to operate in step with your existing workflows.

Discover new candidates already in your network



Introductions beat cold outreach

Drafted makes it 1-click for you to get an introduction via email to any candidate you find, through someone in your team network. Authentic introductions always beat cold Inmails.

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Smart matches

When you post a new job, Drafted uses machine learning and graph search to send relevant people on your team suggestions for who they might be able to refer for the position.

Post your first job in Drafted free!

Hire only the best

When you find someone great, you can visit their social profiles, get an intro or directly contact them via email.


Level up your hiring game


Job Import

Import your ATS jobs into Drafted with 1-click and keep them in sync.


Candidate Sourcing

Don't miss out on talent that's already in your network.


Email and Intros

10x your candidate response rates by getting intros through email.


Smart Matches

Drafted helps your team match their friends to open jobs and keeps your team engaged.



Get notified when Drafted finds new leads to chase, or new candidates to refer.



Automatically send referrals from Drafted into your ATS to continue hiring at light speed.


Drafted also integrates with tools you use most.



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