Do I need a referral program?

Over 50% of the United States discovers their first job through a referral. Companies like Google, Facebook and Deloitte acquire 30-60% of their best hires through referral programs.


How do rewards on Drafted help?

The cost of a good hire ranges between $15,000 to $50,000. When someone in your community helps you find a great teammate, they are saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.


Do I need Drafted?

With Drafted, you can reward both internal and external referrals, which allows you to discover hidden treasure beyond just your limited employee referral program.


Does Drafted guarantee hires?

Drafted is a tool that empowers you to discover, attract, and hire great people through your network. The hiring decision is ultimately yours, and any rewards you set are given to the people who help find the hire. See our full terms here.


Does Drafted leverage my network?

Drafted searches your extended networks to surface recommended candidates that you can get introductions to instantly. Get suggestions from the entire Drafted community.


How do reward payments work?

Drafted only charges you the reward amount if you confirm a hire, and then takes care of distributing it to the people who connected you with the successful candidate including 1099 tax forms for the reward recipients.