Hire more through proactive referrals.

Drafted intelligently matches quality candidates in your company network to your open roles.


Used by the fastest growing companies

Fill your funnel with your network’s top talent.

Search through and get introductions to your company’s entire network.


Be Proactive

Don't wait for employees to refer - proactively request introductions with pre-set email templates.


Drafted can 2x your referrals in 90 days, improve time to hire by 30%, and reduce cost per hire by $3,000.


Diversify your candidate pool while keeping the bar high. Referrals are the #2 source of diversity hires.

Turn referrals into your strategic hiring advantage.


Referrals are 7 times more likely to get hired. A 10% increase in referral based hires can translate to a 10% increase in company productivity.


Machine learning powered smart suggestions.


Increase the volume, quality, and diversity of referrals with timely and relevant referral suggestions for your whole team.

Significantly boost your team’s engagement.


The Draftedbot delivers suggested referrals directly to your team in Slack. Once your team makes referrals in Slack it’s sent to Drafted and your ATS.

Integrated with your toolbelt

Drafted integrates with the other tools in your hiring technology stack. Think about it like steroids for your ATS.


Within 30 minutes of trying out Drafted , I got a handful of introductions and found my next hire! I'm a believer now.

Mary Rogul
VP of Sales, Mautic


Drafted makes it 1-click for you to get an introduction via email to any candidate you find, through someone in your team network.

Tyler Avery-Miller
Senior Recruiter, Lola Travel


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