Drafted has ceased operations on September 15, 2021
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Next generation referral hiring

Scale referral efforts using your company network.
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Collect employee referrals in Slack

Keep referrals top of mind. The best employee referral experience built for Slack.

“In the first four months we got over 2,000 referrals and over 300 hires from Drafted.”

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Daniel M.
Recruiting Operations Manager @ Better.com

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Get referrals from everyone

Launch your external referral program to increase candidate reach and diversity.
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“Simplifies referrals and magnifies the power of our networks. It's awesome.”

Image of Daniel M. a recruiting leader at Better.com

Sue C.
Chief People Officer @ Petal

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Why Drafted?

Smart referrals at scale
Drafted uses AI and machine learning to suggest great referrals to your employees. With external referrals, you can  increase diversity and reach. ATS integrations, well designed workflows, and free expert consultations mean that you can have a world class referral program without the work.



More referrals per open role

vs the 6 months prior



More referrals per employee

vs the 6 months prior



More hires from referrals

vs the 6 months prior