About the Layoff Network by Drafted

Layoff Network was built by the team at Drafted in response to COVID-19.

Our Story

We’re a small 15 person startup operating out of Cambridge, MA, and all working from home at the moment like many others.

Our core enterprise product, the network recruiting platform, is used by companies that are hiring to aggregate their employee networks for referrals and sourcing. It comes with lots of bells and whistles like ATS integrations, email integrations, etc. that we charge for.

When COVID-19 layoffs hit, our business was disrupted just like everyone else, and we started getting a lot of requests for help.
So we decided to drop everything and build a free app that would help everyone during this time.

We built this in 10 days, so there’s a lot more work to do and we’re releasing new features every day. It might not have all the capabilities you want, and be a bit rough around the edges.

Here are some questions you might be wondering about:

Is it free?


Are there any strings attached?


Are you selling my data?


Can I delete my account?

Yes. For now, you’ll have to just chat us and ask for it, but we’re working to build more privacy and data management in the app.

How does this make any sense for Drafted?

100% transparency. We believe that this will help a lot of people in the short term, quickly, and that those people will remember us when they want to buy hiring products in the future.

How does Drafted make money?

We make money by charging SaaS subscription fees to our enterprise customers for our core enterprise application.

Will Drafted charge for this in the future?

We are spending a great amount of time and money on this. The main Layoff Network app will be free for individuals. We do not charge commissions or any kind of placement fees to the companies that hire people on this platform. We *may* build some premium features for recruiters who do make money by using this app, so that we can at least cover the cost of the platform. But right now we’re focused on making it as useful as possible. We value this community and are committed to keeping it authentic.


Send us a note at contact@drafted.us. We’d love to hear from you.

Want more?

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