Always in Sync with your ATS

Have an existing ATS? We can sync with that! The Drafted team is happy offer customizations for your specific ATS setup.

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Image of applicant tracking systems that integrate with Drafted
Import jobs from career pages
As soon as you sync your ATS all your open roles will be synced with Drafted each night.
Sync candidate statuses
For every candidate in Drafted you can see what their current ATS status is even if they are assigned multiple roles.
Send in referred candidates
Whenever a referral is made in Drafted, that candidate along with their referral information will automatically sync with your ATS.
Referral tracking for employees
Drafted syncs all your employee referrals each night to your ATS. Making it super easy for your team to see the status of their referrals every day.
Map stages in Drafted to your ATS
You can connect your ATS candidate stages to the different stage groupings in Drafted. No mismatched data and easy attribution.
Get set up in 30 seconds
Syncing your ATS to Drafted takes no time. As soon as you connect your jobs will immediately be important and you can start sending candidates.

Sync you ATS every step of the way

Industry leading applicant tracking system integrations

Sync your ATS candidate stages

When you connect your ATS, you can map any of your candidate stages under Drafted's group stages. Each night Drafted syncs with your ATS to move each candidate to the proper grouped stage in Drafted so all your candidates are in the right place.

Sync your all ATS statuses across different systems

Whenever you view a candidates profile, you will see their exact status listed in your applicant tracking system as well as their job association.

Easily check ATS status of your own referrals

Your team will also get visibility into the status of their own referrals which is also updated each night.