Sync candidates & jobs with your ATS

Drafted syncs with your applicant tracking system to provide a seamless workflow for your recruiting team.

Nightly job sync so your careers page is always reflected in Drafted for your team and employees.

Candidate syncing with every referral made and candidate sent over from Drafted.

Increase employee visibility in to the status of their referrals with ATS status syncing.

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Applicant Tracking System

The power of your entire company network available in your browser.

Network recruiting seamlessly integrated into your ATS.


Job Sync

Import your jobs into Drafted with 1-click and keep them in sync.

Employee Notifications

Get notified if your referral moves forward in the process.

Referral Reports

See how well your company is converting referrals into engaged candidates.


Candidate Sync

All candidates sent into your ATS are synced nightly with their status.

Send Candidate into ATS

Send any network cadidate you find in Drafted into your ATS

Status Tracking

Map your candidate statuses in Drafted making it easier for your team to track.


Emails and Intros

10x your candidate response rates by getting intros through email.

Chrome Extension

Source on LinkedIn to see their status, connections and save to ATS.

Network Sourcing

Don't miss out on talent that's already in your network.

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