Start receiving referrals from Slack in minutes

The Drafted Slackbot will remind your team once a week with referrals reminder suggestions. The Drafted Slackbot is the easiest way to submit referrals.

Easily engage your team with Slack Referrals

Weekly Email Reminders

The best way to engage your entire company

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Julie Lungaro

Senior Product Designer

“Klaviyo has the Drafted Slackbot integration. I’ve used it many times cause it only notifies me during the day. It’s fun and very interactive.”

“Drafted makes it extremely simple to make a referral for your company. Everyone wins!”

Jason Spinell

Slack Fund

“When I saw my sourcing team use Drafted to get to candidates through the company network I saw the value immediately.”

Greg Spaulding

Director of Talent

“A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn’t have anyone to refer…but after using Drafted we’d find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people.”

Eric Goldfarb

Head of Recruiting


Weekly referral suggestions sent in Slack

The Drafted Slackbot sends out weekly referral suggestions to your team for people in their network that are a match for your open roles.

Most importantly, the Drafted Slackbot increases the employee engagement by making it super easy to make referrals without going into another app.

Referrals sent in a private message

Set individual preferences

Each referral synced with your ATS


The best way to engage your company in hiring

Increase the volume, quality, and diversity of referrals with timely and relevant referral suggestions for your whole team.


Weekly Matches Email

Your company should be continually referring - with Drafted they’ll be reminded each week with their top referral suggestions. 

Drafted Slackbot

The easiest way to collect referrals from your team is with Drafted Slackbot. Each week their top referral suggestion is sent in a direct message.

Instant Onboarding

The Drafted Slack integration allows you to easily onboard your company in departments by inviting the members of specific Slack #channels.

Invite Reminders

Spend no time managing who has accepted your invite with Drafted’s automated invite reminders make sure your invite doesn’t get lost in the weeds.

Analytics Report

Each week your recruiting team will be sent an analytics report for Drafted including stats around the referrals as well as team engagement.

Referral Leaderboard

See who the top referrer is inside and outside your company. The best way for setting up weekly or quarterly contests between departments or jobs.

Status Tracking

Easily track the progress of your referrals made in Drafted because each referral is synced to the status of them in your applicant tracking system.

Priority Jobs

You can set a priority jobs which will rank the corresponding match theme to the top so the whole team is aware which referrals are more important.

Proactive Referrals

Drafted is the best way to be proactive about your referrals. You can easily request a referral for any candidate by getting an intro from a connection.