Measure your hiring efficiency

Gain insights into your entire recruiting process from where your candidates and hires are coming from to how quickly candidates move through your pipeline.

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Know your referral numbers
What percentage of your talent pipeline is coming through referrals? What percentage of your hires is coming through referrals? Is it going up or down quarter over quarter?
Insights into company engagement
How many people are participating in your referral program? What is the average number of referrals per employee? Are your referral campaigns effective?
Measure your conversions
Know which sources are producing the most hires and how effective they are at moving through the stages of the hiring pipeline.

Know how effective each source is at your company

How do your employee referrals compare with candidates sourced through traditional methods? How do they compare against applications on your careers page? Where should you invest more? Find out with actionable insights.

See which source produces the most hires

See at a glance which sources produce hires at your company, so you and your team can focus your time on the right candidates for your company that are most likely to convert.

See your company’s impact in hiring

With Drafted you can easily tell how engaged the rest of your organization is in the hiring process. Know how many employees have added a network and how many referrals you’re collecting per employee.