Increase response rates with intros

Someone at your company is already friends with your next candidate. Figure out who it is and ask for the introduction. Fully integrated, at scale. Proven to increase response rates by 80%

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Get a warm introduction
Each candidate in Drafted has a connection path to someone at your company. Drafted helps you surface and leverage them at scale.
Identify the best connection
Network recruiting isn't just about intros, it's about the best intros. Drafted helps you understand not just who is connected, but how they're connected.
Introduction Templates
Every other tool out there will let you use {First Name} and {Company} kind of variables in your templates. Drafted is the only platform that let's you use {Friend Name} variables so that you can personalize intros.

Powerful graph filters for your company network

Say you want to get introductions from Ellen in Engineering, all you have to do is select Ellen’s network to see the candidates that Ellen can introduce you to.

Identify the best connection

When a candidate has several connections to your company, Drafted shows you who has the strongest connection so you can always ask for the introduction that is most likely to get a response from the candidate.

Ready-to-use templates for every kind of intro request

Built in best-practices templates for getting introductions through colleagues, friends, managers, and community members.