Source candidates in your network

Network recruiting is here to help you source candidates connected to your company. The best way to source passive talent is to prioritize outreach and scale your introductions based on who is already in your company network.

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Image of how to use Drafted to source candidates from your network
Search candidates in your network
Drafted indexes a graph database of your entire company network. Source candidates beyond just 1st degree connections.
Source quality candidates faster
Drafted uses NLP, ML, and AI to quickly recommend candidates in your company network for your open roles.
Extensive employer filters
Source candidates that work in specific industries, that are knowledgeable in specific software stacks and more.
Save your searches
Save searches or collaborate on searches with your team for roles that you are often sourcing candidates for.
With GDPR safe mode you prevent accidental direct outreach when sourcing candidates in the EU. Enable GDPR compatible introductions for you can't email directly.
Automatic profile enrichment
Enrich each profile in your company network to see their contact info, social presence, and dozens of relevant data points to help with your sourcing efforts.

“I couldn’t imagine doing what I do every day without Drafted”

Cate C.
Talent at Karat

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Save time sourcing candidates with Boolean searches

No need to continually copy and paste long strings of ‘This AND That’ to find what you’re looking for. Use smart job title matching so to see a list of all network candidates with matching experience for every open role.

How to source candidates in Drafted using Boolean searches

Less sourcing, more high quality introductions

Sourcing candidates from your company network means every candidate is connected to an employee, making it easy to request a warm introduction. Increase your chances of getting in contact with the candidate by 80% vs. sending a cold email.

Image of how to ask for candidate introductions when using Drafted to source candidates

Coworkers with the best connection to a candidate

When leveraging network intelligence to source candidates you can understand which colleagues are more likely to get a response from a particular candidate, and bubble up the strongest connections.

Image of employee with the best connection to a candidate source from your company network