Contact candidates while sourcing

Upgrade your sourcing experience. You focus on the hard stuff, let us automate the rest of the busywork when it comes to contacting candidates.

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Image of candidate profile in Drafted to help recruiters get in contact
Contact candidates in the company network
While sourcing, Drafted will identify if the candidate you're viewing is in your company's 1st or 2nd degree network.
Get intros to candidates via email
Replace your email guesser with real introductions via email from your coworkers.
Know which candidates are in your ATS
Clearly see which candidates are already in your applicant tracking system or Drafted with their current status displayed.

See who is already in your company network

As you source - Drafted will look up that candidate in your company's 1st and 2nd degree network to see if they are connected to a coworker at your company.

Image of company connects you can use to establish contact with a candidate

Seamlessly request introductions via email

Whenever any candidate is in your company network you can easily request an introduction from a mutual connection at your company over email.

Image of introduction email to candidates your are trying to get in touch with

Check if you've already contacted the candidate

Whenever you view a candidate you can see if they have any status inside your applicant tracking system. You can also send them into your ATS as well if you want to mark them as a new lead for one of your open roles.

Image of candidate history reflected in your applicant tracking system (ATS)