Invest in your community.

Great referrals come from great community. Drafted communities helps you engage people in your community - whether they're alumni, investors, friends, family, or customers.


Engage your community

Invite and manage a community of people who are the most likely to make referrals to your company - investors, advisors, friends, customers, alumni, meetup attendees.

Receive external referrals

In the future of work, referrals are not just internal. Modern companies invest in their external referral strategy, and now you can too. 

Grow your talent pool

For every community member, your company network and talent pool grows by hundreds of prospective candidates that are unlocked through their networks.


Branded community referral portal.

Your own company branded referral community page helps attract and engage community members who are likely to make referrals.


Diversify your referrals

Need a more diverse talent pipeline? Try asking people outside your own office. Drafted helps you reach beyond your employees for referrals, without losing on the high quality of talent.

Tammi Pirri

VP, People Ops at Klaviyo

Highest recommendation as Klaviyo has had great success using Drafted.

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“A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn’t have anyone to refer…but after using Drafted we’d find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people.”
“Drafted surfaces smart referral recommendations, making it extremely simple to make a referral. Everyone wins!”

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