Employee Referrals

Level up your employee referral program

Streamline your referral ops for a consistent and engaging referral program that produces scalable results

Automated referral suggestions

Drafted Matches

Drafted uses AI to match employee networks with your open jobs. Smart suggestions help increase the participation in your referral program, and make it easy for employees to complete more high quality referrals.
Drafted Slack App

DraftedBot sends occasional reminders about who you could refer for newly opened positions. Complete the entire referral workflow in Slack with our deep integration.

Employee adoption and engagement


The Leaderboard makes it easy for you to experiment with gamification. Identify top referrers, run inter-departmental quarterly contests, or just sit back and let Drafted send leaderboard updates to your team.
Referral Tracking

Employees can track their submitted referrals and get notifications when their referral’s status changes. You don’t have to answer “what happened to my referral?” again.

Get real results like our other customers

“In the first four months, since we've implemented Drafted, we've gotten over 2000 referrals submitted and over 60 hires from Drafted.”

Daniel M.
Recruiting Operations Manager



More referrals per open role



More referrals per employee



More hires from interviewed referrals

Referral scoring in Drafted Track

Drafted prioritizes and scores referrals based on employee responses so you can make sure to follow up on the high priority ones first. Synced with your ATS so that you don’t miss a beat.

Features Include:

Send candidates to your ATS
Integrate with email and track outreach
Quick introductions

How referring works

Employees can make referrals in Drafted or in Slack. They will be asked for current contact information and a note with some additional context.

Connect to your ATS

Easily import your job postings and send candidates into your Applicant Tracking System with 1-click.