Build your employee referral program in Slack

Keep referrals top of mind. The best employee referral programs and experiences are built in Slack.

Engaging and efficient employee referral programs produce results

Customizable employee referral rewards & referral policy
Editable employee referral form questions for inside Slack
Jobs synced with your ATS and displayed to your team
Pricing that scales as you scale your team
Employee referrals sent into your ATS, and status changes detected automatically
Candidate status updates sent to employees, increasing program participation.
Network based employee referral suggestions each week
Personalized permissions and preferences
Backed by
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Set up your employee referral program in minutes

Simplify the referral process for recruiters and employees

Customize your referral form questions
Add your company branding
Configure referral policy and rewards
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Image of employee referral form in Slack

All your referrals in one place

Prioritize and rank referrals based on form answers
Sort and filter by job, status, activity, or contact info
Jobs and referrals synced with your ATS

Automatic referral suggestions and status updates

Engagement on autopilot with A.I and Machine Learning

A.I. Referral Recommendations
One-click refer in Slack
Weekly engagement nudges for employees
Image of employee referral notifications in Slack
Image of the Drafted Leaderboard to create employee referral competitions

Celebrate wins with automatic employee notifications

Automatic status updates on web and Slack
Give kudos for making great referrals
Proven to increase referrals per employee

Make employee referrals fun with a leaderboard

Gamification with team referral leaderboard
Run contests for high priority roles
Identify top referrers by quantity and quality
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Get results in one quarter

“In the first four months, we got over 2,000 referrals and over 300 hires from Drafted.”

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Daniel M.
Recruiting Operations Manager

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More employee referrals per open role

vs the 6 months prior


More employee referrals per person

vs the 6 months prior


More hires from employee referrals

vs the 6 months prior

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