Smart referral suggestions

Convert your passive referral bonus into a proactive referral program. Drafted uses network intelligence to make referral recommendations to your entire team, and doubles the number of high quality referrals per employee.

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See how increased their employee referral rate by 5X

Machine learning done the smart way
We analyzed over 50,000 different jobs to train Drafted based on everything except for demographic and educational vectors - since those lead to bias. The more you use Drafted, the smarter it gets for your jobs.
Personalized employee experience
Drafted is personalized for each employee based on their own network, department and location to make the experience delightful.
Make Referrals in Slack
We understand that to get continuous engagement from your employees, you need to go to them, instead of making them come to you.
Diversity and Inclusion conscious
Referral programs can be more effective at moving the needle on D&I than appointing a Chief Diversity Officer or spending on unconscious bias training. Drafted was built with this in mind.
Celebrate your top referrers
Configurable leaderboards give you insights to understand your top referrers and celebrate them.
Stay on track with automatic reminders
Weekly reminders for the recruiting team to follow up on the most important referrals. Your employees will love you for it.

“Drafted makes it extremely simple to make a referral for your company. Everyone wins!”

Jason S.
Slack Fund at Slack

Real results enjoyed by forward-thinking customers


more referrals per open role

vs the 6 months prior to using Drafted


more referrals per employee

vs the 6 months prior to using Drafted


more hires from interviewed referrals

vs the 6 months prior to using Drafted

Beyond top-of-mind employee referrals

Typically when you ask a coworker if they know anyone that would be a good fit, they only think of 1-2 top of mind people. Curated themes help jog people's memory to think outside the box and dig deeper in their network to find referrals.

Keep it simple.

Referring through Drafted is the simple way for your team to submit high quality referrals. Sometimes all it takes to get more referrals is to just make it easier than the status quo.

Drafted integrates with your Applicant Tracking System to ensure that it doesn't cause extra overhead, while delivering a cleaner experience.

Referral workflows built right into Slack

The Drafted Slack integration is a one of kind, allowing your team to make referrals in Slack and receive weekly match suggestions so they stay engaged.