Flexible pricing for employee referrals

“This solves an exact problem we’ve been running in to.”

Alex M.
Recruiter at Standard Cognition
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"Drafted has helped us create a sustainable pipeline for our roles"

Cate C.
Talent at Karat
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“Extremely simple to make a referral for your company. Everyone wins!”

Jason S.
Manager at Slack
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"I love Drafted. So easy. Couldn’t be easier."

Roy S.
SVP at Better.com
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"Drafted has given us a lot more referrals than we ever had before."

Matthew P.
Recruiter at Klaviyo
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“Simplifies referrals and magnifies the power of our networks. It's awesome.”

Sue C.
Head of People at Petal
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FAQ's Employee Referrals by Drafted

How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards, you will be prompted to enter your information when you create your account during the sign up process.
Is there a free tier?
Yes Drafted is free to use
Does Drafted manage reward payouts?
Drafted does not manage your reward payouts. If you are looking for a payment solution we are happy to connect you to one of our partners.
Can I add or remove more team members?
You can add or remove seats to your plan at any time. You will only be charged for how many seats you have.

Talk to Us About Referrals

Ask us to provide a customized referral program quote and plan for your team. We have the flexibility to combine options from multiple package to fit your needs.
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