Diversify your talent pipeline with external referrals

Go beyond employee referrals - increase your reach and diversity in referrals with an efficiently managed external referral program.

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Referral programs are evolving

Great referrals can come from many places - not just employees

Level up your referral program by creating a place where non-employees can submit candidates for review. Good referrals, like good ideas, can come from anywhere.

You can share your branded company referral page with communities you want to include - whether that’s a specific underserved group, friends and family, or everyone.


of employers already have an   external referral program


potential increase in reach for talent


referrals originate externally

How referring works

External referrals require opt-in from both people. Drafted verifies emails in a lightweight way to make the process smooth but the quality high.

Triage your candidates in Drafted Track

Easily track all inbound referrals and candidate outreach that syncs directly with your applicant tracking system.

Send candidates to the Applicant Tracking System

Drafted prioritizes the best ones so that it’s easy for you.

Integrate with email and track outreach

Drafted connects to your email account so you can message candidates directly.

Quick introductions

Increase your response rates by using our one-of-a-kind introduction workflow.

Connect to your ATS

Import your job openings from your ATS with 1-click. Triage your external referrals on Drafted Track in one place. Send candidates into your ATS with 1-click

Get up and running fast

85% of job seekers ask their network for introductions. Don’t miss out on the evolution of referral programs. We’ll get you up and running in no time.