External Referrals

Diversity through
external referrals

Increase your reach and candidate diversity by adding an external referral program to your talent strategy.

Great referrals come from many places

Diversify your referral program by including people in your community, who may not be employees. Good referrals, like good ideas, can come from anywhere.

Drafted gives you a single place for all your referrals. If you find that employee referrals are not diverse enough, but you agree that referrals are one of the best sources of hire, then external referrals is a great way to have both.



of employers have an external referral program



potential increase in reach for talent with external referrals



of all referrals originate externally

Customize your company page

Create a branded company page to have a home for referrals from outside your organization. Showcase an external referral reward program and your highest priority roles.

Features Include:

Set your external referral reward
Edit your company info and photo
Set which jobs to sync

Share easily

The sharing link on your referral page makes it easy to target communities you want to include - whether that’s a specific affinity group, friends and family, or everyone.

Perfect for sharing out to:

Company Alumni
Investors & Advisors
Friends of Employees

Triage your referrals in Drafted Track

Getting more referrals isn’t a problem if you can prioritize the best ones first and sync them to your applicant tracking system.

Features Include:

Send candidates to your ATS
Integrate with email and track outreach
Quick introductions

How it works for the referrer

External referrals require opt-in from both people. Drafted will quickly verify emails to make the process smooth and the quality high.

Connect to your ATS

Easily import your job postings and send candidates into your Applicant Tracking System with 1-click.