Frequently Asked Questions

What does Drafted do?

Drafted connects Hiring Managers, candidate referral sources (“Referrers”), and Candidates to fill job openings.

How does Drafted work for Hiring Managers?

If you’re a Hiring Manager, you  sign up to use Drafted on behalf of your company. By signing up, you are confirming that you are authorized to use Drafted on behalf of your company and that your company will make all required payments. Feel free to put us in touch with your HR department or executive team if you need to obtain company approval to use Drafted.

After you’ve signed up, you can invite your team, post jobs, and offer referral rewards to referrers and candidates on Drafted.

You can share customized job links to drive people in your community to your jobs on Drafted. During internal kickoff, it works well when people from your team that join Drafted share links on their social media accounts.

If you hire someone through Drafted, you can let us know by marking them as Hired in the app, emailing us, or using the Live Chat support line.

How does Drafted work for a Team Member or Referrer?

If you’re using Drafted because you want to help companies fill positions and help your network find new jobs, you’re a Referrer. You can refer people directly through Discover by typing in their name and email, or through the Drafted Matches people when you thumbs them up.

If you refer through matches, only the hiring team is notified. If you refer through Discover, your friend will be notified too. 

If someone you referred got hired, you can let us know by email or live chat in the app.

How does Drafted work for Candidates?

When you receive a link from a Referrer, you’ll be directed to the job posting and have the opportunity to request that Drafted submit your application materials to the company. After that, the company will notify you if it would like to proceed.
When you accept an offer from an employer through Drafted, let us know via the Drafted app.

How do rewards work?

Companies can choose any rewards they want for filling a certain job opening. For cash rewards paid to external referrers outside the company, Drafted helps with fulfillment, accounting, and taxes. For internal cash rewards or special gift rewards, the company is responsible for fulfilling the reward.

Only the person who refers the hired candidate is eligible for the reward for that job opening. It's first come first serve, so if two people refer the same candidate, only the first one gets the reward. But any referral is only valid for 6 months (so you can't just refer 7 billion people and then wait for years to get some reward somewhere)

How about an example of how it all works?

Here is an example of how Drafted works:

  • Tobias is a Hiring Manager at the Bluth Company. Tobias posts a job with a Reward of $3,000.
  • Tobias sends a special Job Link to Michael, someone Tobias thinks would be a potential Referrer.
  • Michael signs up for Drafted and views the job posting. Michael thinks his friend Lucille would be great so he refers her by typing in her name, email, and a link to her online resume. 
  • Lucille gets notified that Michael referred her. Lucille goes to Drafted and applies for the job.  Tobias hires Lucille, and Michael gets $3,000.

What about taxes?

The Referrer will be responsible for any amounts owed in respect of taxes in connection with payments made by Drafted. Drafted will send a Form 1099 to any non-company referrers during the taxable year.

What if a company hires a Candidate that was referred through Drafted but was also in the company’s internal resume database?

Drafted is focused on connecting the right people at the right time. A Candidate referral from someone in your network through Drafted is valuable regardless of whether the name has come across your desk in the past. So, your company will have to pay the Reward if it hires a Candidate through Drafted. Factor this risk in when setting the Reward.

What if a company hires a Candidate that was referred through Drafted but was also referred by another third party outside Drafted, like a recruiting agency?

Drafted is focused on connecting the right people at the right time. A Candidate referral from someone in your network through Drafted is valuable, regardless of third party agencies.

Drafted is not responsible for contracts that you might have with other third party agencies. Factor in the risk of duplicate payments to other agencies and Drafted when setting your Reward budget on Drafted.

To avoid conflict with your other service providers, you might consider posting a job on Drafted for a brief time (1-2 weeks) before sharing the job opening with your other service providers.

What if multiple Referrers send a Candidate the same job posting?

Drafted is first come, first served – the first Referrer wins, as determined by the Referral Code that the Candidate uses when electing to submit his or her application material to the company.

How do I report bad content?

If you see any content on Drafted that is offensive, inappropriate, spam or questionable in any way, you can let us know at, and we will work to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.