Here are Drafted’s frequently asked questions.

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Thinking About Drafted?

Over 50% of the United States discovers their first job through a referral. Companies like Google, Facebook and Deloitte acquire 30-60% of their best hires through referral programs.

With Drafted, you can reward both internal and external referrals, which allows you to discover hidden treasure beyond just your limited employee referral program.

Drafted searches your extended networks to surface recommended candidates that you can get introductions to instantly. Get suggestions from the entire Drafted community.

The cost of a good hire ranges between $15,000 to $50,000. When someone in your community helps you find a great teammate, they are saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Companies can choose any rewards they want for filling a certain job opening. For cash rewards paid to external referrers outside the company, Drafted helps with fulfillment, accounting, and taxes. For internal cash rewards or special gift rewards, the company is responsible for fulfilling the reward. Only the person who refers the hired candidate is eligible for the reward for that job opening. It's first come first serve, so if two people refer the same candidate, only the first one gets the reward. But any referral is only valid for 6 months (so you can't just refer 7 billion people and then wait for years to get some reward somewhere).

Drafted is a tool that empowers you to discover, attract, and hire great people through your network. The hiring decision is ultimately yours, and any rewards you set are given to the people who help find the hire. See our full terms here.

Drafted only charges you the reward amount if you confirm a hire, and then takes care of distributing it to the people who connected you with the successful candidate including 1099 tax forms for the reward recipients.

Questions About Your Connections

LinkedIn connections can be added under the “My Settings” section in your Drafted account. All you have to do is go to “My Settings” and click “Connect Accounts” on the right side of the screen. Then click the “sync” button next to LinkedIn and Drafted will walk you through the uploading process. It’s quick and easy!

Drafted will walk you through a LinkedIn connections export. Your LinkedIn connections will be downloaded to a file that you will import into Drafted. Drafted will remind you every few months to re-sync. Keep in mind, the majority of strong referrals come from people you’ve been connected to for a while, and not always people that you just connected to, so this isn’t a big deal :)

When signing up for Drafted you will have the option to connect different accounts like Google or LinkedIn. When you do this, Drafted will collect only basic contact information for your connections e.g name, email, job title, location. The rest is sourced by Drafted from publicly available sources across the web (e.g we can find a profile picture from Twitter if it’s public). Drafted will not spam those contacts. In fact, Drafted will not send any messages to them unless a specific user of Drafted, that is in that person’s network, requests it. Drafted is a network where you are able to request introductions through your contacts to second degree connections. This means that folks on your recruiting team, or other friends you have on Drafted, will be able to ask you for introductions to your contacts. Estimated time bar? What is that doing? Is it searching the network for jobs and trying to pair them together?

Once You Get In

You can start using Drafted right away! That bar is there as an indicator while our little robots scour the internet for publicly available information on your candidates. It will take our robots more time to find information first time you upload your contacts so just be patient with them. You can also dismiss the bar with the “X” in the lower right corner of your screen.

Yes, Drafted uses key information about job openings like title, location, keywords, skills, and combines that with graph-search technology that looks through key attributes of passive candidates to match them. Drafted also looks at various publicly available data sources to find other information about the folks in question.

No. Drafted will not notify a connection after they’re referred. We leave that up to you if you want to give them a heads up before or after you’ve made the referral. The recruiting team will be notified once you’ve made the referral and they will also be able to reach out to that person directly, so make sure to note in your referral how you’d prefer the recruiters to follow up. Any tips on what you think we should be doing? Getting people signed up and onboard. Make sure they are connecting their networks. You can send them a reminder to upload their contacts too. But it won’t keep them from being able to give referrals if their network isn’t connected.

Drafted is first come, first served – the first Referrer wins, as determined by the Referral Code that the Candidate uses when electing to submit his or her application material to the company.

You can always go to the My Network tab to search and filter through your network if you have someone specific in mind for a position. If you think the Drafted algorithm can improve for this person, just reach out and we can see if we can make some optimizations to our matching algorithm.

Something Went Wrong

You can always email or use Live Chat on the site with any questions you have. We’re here for you.

You can request for your account to be shut down at any time - your social network integrations will be cut off, and LinkedIn file will be deleted. There is some information that cannot be deleted - Referrals you have made and the contacts associated with them - Publicly available information about your contacts that Drafted acquires from other sources. - Relationship information that is dependent on multiple people E.g if Jack and Bob have a mutual connection Amy on Drafted, and Jack deletes their account, Drafted would still know that Bob is connected to Jack through Amy For other privacy and other terms of use information you can go to