Getting Started with Drafted

It is quick and simple to invite your entire team to Drafted and get your company referral network off the ground.



Start with a kick off call.

First call with the Drafted team to set goals and get your recruiting team on board.

Connect Drafted with Recruiting Team

Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager



Drafted auto imports your open roles and recommends candidates.

Drafted automatically imports your open roles to suggest qualified canidates for your team to source.

Automated job import via Applicant Tracking System

Drafted Prospects automatically generated


Invite your team with 1-click.

Quickly invite your team to Drafted using Slack or the Drafted Team page.

Invite via Slack using DraftedBot to assist your team

Invite via your Drafted Team page


Your team connects their accounts.

In minutes, your team can connect their LinkedIn network and Google contacts.

Add your Google Contacts

Add your LinkedIn connections


Drafted recommends people for your team to refer.

After connecting their network, employees immediately see suggested candidates to refer for open positions in Drafted or Slack.

Draftedbot suggests referrals in Slack

Make referrals with Drafted Matches