How to set up the Greenhouse integration

1. Go to your settings in Greenhouse


3. Click on the API Credential Managment


4. Generate a new API key

We're going to need that.


5. Name it Drafted in the description

Or whatever you want this to be called.


6. Make the Type > Harvest in the dropdown

If it's not Harvest, it wont work.


7. Now click 'Select All' so the integration works

(half way there)


8. Click update

This will save those options to the API key.


9. Copy the API Key

Don't forget this part!


10. Now let's switch back to Drafted and go to Company Settings


12. First press 'Connect'

This connection will first sync your jobs to Drafted


13. Make sure to sign in to Greenhouse

You may be already signed in


14. Now paste the Greenhouse API Key



15. Look for Drafted to confirm it's working

It will be green to confirm.


16. Press Save!

Don't forget this part!





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