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efficiency of hiring from referrals

vs the 6 months prior to using Drafted


efficiency in interviewing referrals

vs the 6 months prior to using Drafted


referrals per employee

in the first year of using Drafted


hires from Drafted referrals

in the first year of using Drafted

Why Drafted?

Karat, founded in 2014, is a world leader in Interview Engineering. As organizations become software driven, access to engineering talent is critical to accelerate growth. Too often, the capacity for technical interviews becomes a constraint on that growth. Karat conducts first-round technical interviewing on behalf of companies who need to scale their software engineering team, but lack scale in interviewing expertise or infrastructure.

To provide flexible scheduling for all timezones, Karat has a network of Interviewing Engineers all over the world. The ability to ramp up their network of Interview Engineers world-wide poses a unique challenge:

"We needed a way to streamline and build a program to drive referrals within our global community of Interview Engineers. Drafted has enabled us to quickly connect to folks' networks and streamline the process for making referrals.”, says Cate Connolly, who manages the program.

The Karat talent team needed to scale hiring. With a diverse network of sourcing options in place, employee referrals were another lever they wanted to pull.

"Referrals from our diverse community of Interview Engineers is one of our strongest pipelines”
- Cate Connolly, Talent

"Drafted has helped us create a sustainable pipeline for many of our roles"

Talent at Karat

Before Drafted vs After Drafted

“We’re typically getting referrals that are first degree connections. Occasionally people go through their matches and say, 'Hey this person might be good, but don’t mention me.' It’s additional organic sourcing pipeline I don’t think we would have if we didn’t have something like this. Otherwise people would think “Who do I know?,” and just refer those people.” says Cate.

More referrals means more candidates are making it into the pipeline - so what does that mean for candidate quality? The data from Karat shows that the quality of referrals is improving too. 42.3% of all referrals are getting to the interview stage, doubling the conversion rate from just 6 months before implementing Drafted.

Drafted helps the Karat team qualify referrals and connect them with the talent team through the Matches interface.

“Great people know great people - I'm glad we've been able to tap into our team's networks so easily”
- Cate Connolly, Talent