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Drafted Layoff Network

Conduct empathetic layoffs and use your company network to benefit those affected. Your employer brand depends on how you make people feel when walking out the door.

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Help Departing Employees

You owe it to your departing employees to give them the best shot at recovery.

Keep Your Brand Intact

Employees let go during this time will have impact your brand in the future.

Layoffs with Empathy

It may be a necessary for business but how you handle it is entirely up to you.

Join the Network

Hiring companies have a live feed of nominated job seekers joining the network.
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A Network for Your Departing Employees

The unemployment has hit an astronomical high in recent weeks. It's a scary time for everyone - companies and individuals alike. Give your employees a boost in the now crowded job market.

Send a List

Provide us with a list of departing employees - all we will need is their personal email address.

Sign Up

All departing employees will be sent an email asking them to sign up. Existing employees can join the platform as well.

Nominations and Features

Ask existing employees to nominate their former coworkers in the app. This will give them visibility to recruiters and make them eligible for introductions. Premium packages available for companies to sponsor placements.

Feel the Impact of Your Company Network

Every Company has a Network

Your company is surrounded by people - these people are you network. It's made up of family, friends, former employees, and anyone that knows your company. Leverage this network to elevate your departing employees and support them on their job search.

The Unexpected Cost of Layoffs

Layoffs take a toll - not just emotionally but financially as well. Unemployment is largely funded by employers - the average claim ranges from $4,200 - $12,000 per employee. Your company network can help place people faster to alleviate the financial burden on both parties.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your company is experiencing layoffs, sponsorship opportunities for departing employees are available.

More Resources

Drafted has a full suite of tools to help your company and employees during this time.

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