Lever Integration

Import jobs, sync candidates, increase referrals.

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Sync jobs and candidates, boost team engagement

Sync your jobs

Drafted automatically imports new public jobs from Lever and sends you passive candidates. No more double-posting or copy-pasting.


Boost team engagement

Automatically identify passive candidates connected to team members and ask them for introductions through email or Slack.

Sync candidates and referrals

Send new referrals made through Drafted right into your Lever workflow. Never let a referral slip through the cracks again.


Drafted sends new candidates and referrals into Lever.



Get introduced to great people

Whenever Drafted identifies a match for a job posted on Lever it's 1-click to ask for the intro.  Drafted comes with templates for introductions out of the box so your team doesn't stress out while making the introduction.




Suggested referrals

When you post a new job in Lever, Drafted uses modern graph search technology to suggest referrals for everyone on your team, and reminds them to refer so that you don't have to.

Source through the company network

When you find someone great, you can send them to Lever to keep track of them even if they're not interested right now.


Leverage your network to win at hiring


Job Import

Import your Lever jobs into Drafted with 1-click and keep them in sync.


Candidate Sourcing

Don't miss out on talent that's already in your network.


Email and Intros

10x your candidate response rates by getting intros through email.


Smart Matches

Drafted helps your team match their friends to open jobs and keeps your team engaged.



Get notified when Drafted finds new leads to chase, or new candidates to refer.



Automatically send referrals from Drafted into Lever to continue hiring at light speed.

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