Automated smart referral suggestions.

Drafted matches people in your network to you company's open roles. Matches uses NLP, AI, and machine learning to provide personalized matches for you and everyone in your company.


Smart suggestions

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks about making a referral. Drafted makes smart suggestions to every employee about who to refer, where, and when.

Matched for the open roles

Drafted imports your jobs and matches people in employee networks to make sure that they're only making relevant referrals.

Scale your referral program

Integrations with your ATS and communication tools makes it really easy to transform your informal referral program into a scalable business strategy.


Smart suggestions personalized to your network.

Every time you say Yes or No, Drafted gets better at making relevant suggestions through machine learning.


Get qualified inbound referrals.

Drafted reduces the noise by asking some qualifying questions for every referral.

Sue Choe

Head of People at Petal

“Getting referrals to be top-of-mind, relevant, and high quality can be difficult, no matter what size organization you oversee. Drafted has created an intuitive app that both simplifies referrals and magnifies the power of our networks.  I think it's awesome.”

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“A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn’t have anyone to refer…but after using Drafted we’d find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people.”
“Drafted surfaces smart referral recommendations, making it extremely simple to make a referral. Everyone wins!”

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