Transparency for your team

Your employees want to know what the status of their referral is. You need to spend time talking to candidates - let Drafted take care of updating everyone on what's going on.

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Transparency for your team
Nothing kills a great referral program faster than a lack of visibility into the process. When employees refer their friends, they want to stay informed.
Automated candidate updates
Drafted celebrates the wins with your team by automatically sending candidate updates to the employee that made the referral when the candidate moves onto the next stage.
Synced with your ATS
The pipeline stage for your referrals are synced in Drafted each night. You don't need to update two places with the latest status.

The simplest way for your team to track their referrals

Your team can easily access a record of all their referrals and see what the candidate status is inside your applicant tracking system. Each status is auto-updated from your applicant tracking system, nightly.

Celebrate as your team's referrals move onto new stages.

Whenever a referral moves forward in the hiring pipeline you can set up automated notifications so that you can deliver positive feedback and encouragement to your team to keep those referrals flowing.

Always synced with your applicant tracking system

For your hiring team, referrals in Drafted clearly display their current status and job association in your ATS, making it easy to see their current stage in your hiring pipeline.