Network Intelligence

Unlock network recruiting intelligence

Network recruiting intelligence is your biggest asset. Tap into your company network using each person’s individual LinkedIn and email connections.

Image of an example of what your company network looks like in Drafted

Your company network

Intelligent Company Network Search

Instantly answer recruiting questions like:
• Who are some great marketers in our network?
• Does anyone on our team know a marketer at Shopify?
• Can anyone on our team give me background on Alice who applied to our Director of Marketing position?
Smart Introductions

If you have 30 mutual connections with someone on LinkedIn, but don't know the best person to ask for an introduction, Drafted will quickly identify the highest signal pathways to that person.
Image of a candidate profile in your company network
Image of how to select employees for a candidate review

Google’s internal review process done better

Company network connections to applicants

Leverage network intelligence to see which inbound applicants have a connection to your team. Add team networks from LinkedIn, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or upload a CSV. Network intelligence helps you find common connections based on work history and education, too.
Candidate Internal Reviews via Slack

Automatically ping employees connected to candidates and ask for a review. Reviews are quick and can be done right in Slack with the Drafted Slack Integration.

Talent pools start with network recruiting intelligence

Almost all of the talent you hire has interacted with your company network at some point along their journey. If you’re thinking about a talent CRM, this is the way to fill it up with people.

Use network recruiting intelligence to go beyond just hiring. In the full lifecycle of talent from prospect to alumni to boomerang-hire, you want to be with them every step of the journey and add value through the company network.

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Use network intelligence to connect

Understand which colleagues are more likely to get a response from a particular candidate by viewing the strongest connections first.

Features Include:

Profile enrichment on employee contacts
Email lookup on all employee contacts
Extensive candidate filters
Image of candidate profile and connection to your company network

Network Intelligence and Your ATS

Easily import your job postings and send candidates into your Applicant Tracking System with 1-click.

Image of applicant tracking systems that integrate with Drafted