Increase response rates by 80%

With Drafted you can reach out to more candidates faster while increasing your response. Utilize your ability to hire through proactive referrals by requesting an introduction to any candidate.

Eric Goldfarb

Head of Recruiting

“A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn’t have anyone to refer…but after using Drafted we’d find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people.”


The most effecient way to message candidates

Our customers have found requesting introductions to candidates dramatically increases their response rates to candidates versus messaging on LinkedIn.


Gmail Integration

With the Gmail integration the emails you send from Drafted will be sent directly from your Gmail account make each email authentic.

Intro Buttons

When you request introductions all the connection has to do is hit “Yes, I can make the intro” to immediately get a scripted template to send.

Intro Variables

Personalize your message by adding the mutual connection variable in your outreach templates so you can easily mention them in your email.

Verified Candidate Emails

Each and every candidate in Drafted has an email allowing you to be able to directly reach. You can even filter candidates that have personal emails.

Filter by Personal Emails

Stop wasting time looking a candidate’s personal email. Now in Drafted you filter your sourcing list by candidates with verified personal emails.

Customizable Templates

Create customized templates for direct outreach or requesting an introduction to a candidate - saving you time crafting one off personalized emails.

Intro Scores

For each candidate, Drafted shows you who would be the best person to reach out to for an introduction to the candidate.

Proactive Referrals

In Drafted you can request an introduction to any candidate you see. This allows you to proactive request referrals from your employees.

GDPR Safe Mode

With GDPR safe mode, Drafted will disable direct outreach to any candidate located in Europe only allowing recruiters to request introductions.


Drafted shows you who is best for making you an introduction

With Drafted you always have the option to directly email any candidate, but most times getting a warm introduction to that candidate will yeild a much higher response rate the first time.

Only Drafted shows you which connections in your company network would be best for making that introduction saving you time.

Directly email all candidates

Request introductions

Increase response rate


Send emails directly from your Gmail account

You can connect your Gmail inbox with Drafted so that any email sent in Drafted is directly sent on your behalf to help further increase your response rate and provide greater authenticity to your emails.


Personalize your emails for direct outreach or get intro

Drafted Templates allows you to save customized templates for your direct outreach and get intro emails. Most importantly you can target the mutual connection between the candidate and your company in every email allow you to easily connect to the candidate.

Candidate variables

Connection variables

Company variables


Easily track candidates once you contact them

Drafted’s lightweight track automatically organizes your candidates by how you reached out to them whether it was direct emails or requested introductions.

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