Personalized direct email outreach

Power your direct email outreach with Drafted network intelligence templates through native integrations with Gmail and Outlook.

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Works better than InMail
Stand out with a personal message sent directly to the candidates personal email inbox.
Connected with your email account
Connect Gmail or Outlook, so every email is sent directly from your account. Don't worry, Drafted does not need to read your email.
Personalized templates
Best in class personalized templates are built around the candidate's connections to the company. Work off our library of templates, or create your own.

Natively integrated with Gmail and Outlook

Use Drafted templates but send email through your own personal account, to get the best delivery, tracking, and response rates. Drafted doesn't read the contents of the emails in your inbox and uses best-in-class security and authentication, so your IT department will be happy too.

Increase your response rates by 80%

Sending direct email is the best way to get in touch with your candidates. Spend your time where it counts.

Create and share templates with your team

Create personal templates based on how connected the candidate is to your company. Do they know several people on the development team? Create a template for that type of connection.