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Pricing is based on company size and growth goals.





up to 10 employees

up to 1 Job

Unlimited Candidates

Unlimited Hires

No credit card required





up to 25 employees

up to 5 Jobs

Everything in Free Plus:

ATS Integration

Drafted Slackbot

Customizable rewards





up to 50 employees

up to 10 Jobs

Everything in Startup Plus:

72 hour support response

Company wide onboarding

External reward fulfillment


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over 50 employees

over 10 Jobs

Everything in Growth Plus:

24 hour support response

On-site onboarding

Custom integrations

Every plan includes:



Candidates matched to your open roles

ATS Integration

Sync jobs and Drafed referrals

Referral Community

Collect referrals from alumn and investors

Company Network

Search your 1st and 2nd degree network

Employee Reminders

Increased employee engagement



Intelligent referral suggestions using AI

Slack Integration

Make referrals directly from Slack

Candidate Experience

Collect applicants and see who they know

Employer Branding

Your own company referral and jobs page

Proactive Referrals

Get introductions to candidates

“Our team found amazing people for our open roles, and they would happily make those referrals.”
“Drafted surfaces smart referral recommendations, making it extremely simple to make a referral. Everyone wins!”
“Highest recommendation as Klaviyo has had great success using Drafted.”

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