Referral programs priced for your use case

Drafted has 3 main referral program packages priced monthly per recruiter and per employee usage. You can purchase each package individually or as a bundle.

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External Referrals

includes Layoff Talent Feed
per month
Key Features:
• Branded referral page
• Referral source tracking
• Unlimited team usage
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Internal Referrals

up to 25 users
per month
Key Features:
• Smart referral suggestions
• Employee referral tracking
• Slack + ATS integration
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Network Intelligence

up to 25 users
per month
Key Features:
• Internal reviews
• Company network search
• Reviews workflow in Slack
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priced per user per month
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Key Features:
• All the packages you need
• SSO and Okta support
• ATS customizations
Every Referral Program Package Includes:
Job management
Candidate Tracking
Sync Jobs from your ATS
Send candidates into your ATS
Gmail & Outlook Sign In
Direct email integration
Email Templates
Email notifications
Linkedin & Email Contact Import
Contact Enrichment and merging
Live Chat Support
Drafted Layoff Network (always free)

“In the first four months, since we've implemented Drafted, we've gotten over 2000 referrals submitted and over 60 hires from Drafted itself.”

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Referral Program Case Studies

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The average customer will see improvement across these metrics within the first 6 months of using Drafted



Reduction in Cost
per Hire



Reduction in Time
to Fill



Increase in Hires Through Referrals

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