Drafted Prospects

Source candidates through the company network


Drafted AI

Drafted uses NLP, Machine Learning, and AI to match people in the network against open positions at your company. Read more about how this works.


Saves You Time

Don't waste your time on InMails with low response rates. Introductions through Drafted have a 80% response rate.


Easy to Navigate

With smart filters based on location, job tiltes, keywords, network connections, and more, Drafted makes it easy to focus on the people you need to prioritize.

Easily filter your prospects by connection to your company


Search not only through your team on Drafted, but also any one of your connections to help you find talent faster.


Drafted smart filters also allow you to cut down your talent pool by location, employer, skill tags and of course, job title.

Tap your entire company networks

With each additional team member joining Drafted your company talent pool expontentially grows.

Outreach matters

Personalized outreach through email templates and warm introductions.

Used by the fastest growing companies



Suggesting referrals to employees proactively is proven to increase employee engagement and boost quality referrals.



Turn referrals into your master strategy by making them trackable, scalable, and predictable, with integrations and analytics.

Ready to get started?

Speak with someone from the Drafted team to understand the results you can get with it.