Make it fun for your team

The Leaderboard makes it easy for you to run internal referral contests. Open to the whole company, the leaderboard gives you unique insights about your top referrers.

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Identify top referrers
See who has made the most referrals for the week, quarter or any other time period for your internal referral contests.
Department level insights
Quickly tell which departments at your company are getting the most referrals and how efficiently they are moving through the pipeline.
See how you're doing over time
The Drafted Leaderboard can be customized to any timeframe so you can see the leaders for the week, quarter, or any custom time range.

Run your own customized referral contests

Run contests by month. Run contests by department. Measure efficiency. Keep score. Celebrate the wins.

Measure referrals by job or department

See where your team is making the most referrals. Use the insights to double-down or change the focus of referrals to a specific job or entire department.

But who makes the BEST referrals?

It's not just about who's making the most referrals. See your top referrers based on conversion rates, and reward quality alongside quantity.