Drafted Referrals

You can't manage what you can't measure



Drafted tracks everything related to referrals and introductions through the company network.


You can slice and dice your referrals by job, date, location, department, person, you name it.


Get a pulse of the company at a glance and identify key actionable insights to learn from.

Keep Score


Keeping score helps you gamify referrals and get more out of competitive team members.


Run contests and campaigns e.g "the person who makes the most referrals this month wins a free vacation!"

Easily keep track of all your referrals.

Slice and dice to find exactly what you need.

Turn referrals into your competitve advantage.

Referrals are 7 times more likely to get hired. A 10% increase in referral based hires can translate to a 10% increase in company productivity.

Used by the fastest growing companies



Drafted uses NLP, Machine Learning, and AI to match people in the network against open positions at your company.


Suggesting referrals to employees proactively is proven to increase employee engagement and boost quality referrals.

Boost your referrals.

Speak with someone from the Drafted team to understand the results you can get with it.