Backchannel candidate reviews

When sourcing for an open role, ask any employee to give a review of a candidate. Qualify candidates faster with Drafted’s automated top of funnel review process.

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Get reviews while sourcing
Whenever you’re sourcing you can now easily collect feedback on any candidate by pinging your employees who are connected to them to answer a couple quick questions.
Save time qualifying candidates
With Drafted Reviews you can easily select the employees that already have a connection to the candidate saving you time tracking down who should give the review.
Of course it works in Slack :)
With our Slack integration, whenever you ping employees for a review Draftedbot will send them a private DM asking to give the review right inside of Slack.

“Drafted reviews solves an exact problem we’ve been running into.”

Alex M.
Recruiter at Standard Cognition

Reviews from employees that know the candidate

When requesting a review for a candidate, Drafted shows who on your team is already connected with them so you can collect quality reviews quickly.

Your team can submit reviews right from Slack

With Drafted’s Slack integration, your team will get notified whenever you requested a review and can answer it without leaving Slack.

Turn good reviews into high quality referrals

Whenever a coworker submits a positive review of a candidate, Drafted saves you the step of asking them for a referral too.