Send referrals directly in Slack

The Drafted Slack app is the easiest way for your employees to submit referrals and backchannel reviews for candidates

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Easiest way to submit referrals
The best way to get more referrals is to go where your employees already are, instead of making them come to you. Draftedbot captures referrals in Slack and sends them into your ATS.
Personalized recommendations
Drafted referral recommendations work in Slack, so you can focus on your top priorities while Drafted reminds your team to refer their friends.
Weekly referral reminders
Each employee can set their preferences for daily, weekly, or monthly - which lets you enjoy the best referral program participation without going overboard on notifications.

Don't miss out on the most popular way to submit referrals.

The only Slackbot that allows your team to submit referrals right in Slack while still being connected to your applicant tracking system.

Referral suggestions for your team, in Slack

Each week Draftedbot sends your team a private direct message with a personalized referral suggestion for the open roles that week.

Deeply integrated for the best workflow.

It's magical. Most people don't want to log in to a new tool to submit referrals, even if it's an amazing experience. They can just do it in Slack. You can review in your ATS. Drafted does the heavy lifting in between.

Get quick reviews on candidates

Whenever you request a review from a colleague, our Drafted will send them a private message asking them to give a review.

As easy as sending a Slack message.

Pinging employees to give feedback has never been easier. Just check off people you want to hear from, and Draftedbot will DM those people to collect reviews and give you a summary.

Easiest way to get candidate feedback, ever.

Reveiws can be entirely completed within Slack. Once the candidate is reviewed, all the information will be sent into Drafted. If the review is positive, Draftedbot will follow up asking for a referral to save you the extra step.