Drafted Slackbot

The easiest way for your team to make referrals.

Significantly increase your team’s engagement with Drafted’s Slackbot.

Used by the fastest growing companies

Significantly boost your team’s engagement.

The Draftedbot delivers suggested referrals directly to your team.

Smart matches in just 1 word.


Each match that is sent to your team is personalized using Drafted’s AI and Machine Learning to provide the best suggestion for the role.


Type “matches” whenever or choose how often you would like Draftedbot to send you another suggested referral.

Capture all the info quickly.


When your team makes referrals the Draftedbot opens a Slack dialog to capture all info super quickly.


Once your team makes referrals in Slack it’s sent to Drafted, your ATS, and inside Slack.


Draftedbot keeps you and your team in the loop.

Draftedbot’s smart notification keep your company and recruiting team up to date.

See how well your recruiting team is performing.


Get your weekly analytics for Drafted sent to your recruiting team in one simple message.


Your team gets visibility into their referrals.


Draftedbot will notifiy your team when you reach out to one of their referrals.


The easiest way to get your team set up.

You can invite your team to Drafted by sending invites directly from Slack.


A lot of times people at Giphy thought they didn't have anyone to refer. But after we started using Drafted, we'd find that they actually know 3-5 amazing people for our open positions, and would happily make those referrals. They just weren't top of mind, until Drafted reminded them.


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