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Drafted Sourcer uses smart matching to suggest candidates already in your company network that match your open roles. Start reducing your time to source and reach out to quality candidates faster.

Sue Choe

Head of People

“Drafted has created an intuitive app that both simplifies referrals and magnifies the power of our networks. I think it's awesome.”


The best tool for sourcers

Drafted Sourcer is built for sourcing teams small and large to help surface quality candidates and send personalized outreach faster.


Intro Scores

For each candidate, Drafted shows you who would be the best person to reach out to for an introduction to the candidate.

Smart Searching

Drafted uses NLP, Machine Learning, and AI to recommend candidates in the company network for your open roles.

Extensive Employer Filters

Search for candidates that work in specific industries, that are knowledgeable in specific software stacks and more.

Customized Templates

Create customized templates for direct outreach or requesting an introduction to a candidate - saving you time crafting one off personalized emails.

Saved Searches

Come back to your searches everyday with saved searches. You can recall any search you saved as well as any other saved search from your team.

Candidate Emails 

Each and every candidate in Drafted has an email allowing you to be able to directly reach. You can even filter candidates that have personal emails.

GDPR Safe Mode

With GDPR safe mode, Drafted will disable direct outreach to any candidate located in Europe only allowing recruiters to request introductions.

Social Accounts

Drafted continually looks up public information on candidates in your network finding their social accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.

Company Network

With Drafted you can choose to search through the company’s 1st degree network or your extended 2nd degree network as well filter by any employee.


Find who you want - fast

Drafted has the most powerful sourcing filters so you can find qualitiy candidates in your company network instantly.

Technologies, “Ruby on Rails”

Industries, “Financial Services"

Skills and Tools, “Marketo"

Profile Info, “Only Personal Emails"

Company Size, “100-500"

Employers, “Pinterest”


Save time searching with smart boolean search

When you search for a job title, Drafted searches through all candidates that would be a match for that role. But of course you can still do legacy boolean searches too.

Smart searches

Exact keyword searches

Reads all boolean statements


See which connection would be the best to make the introduction

You can increase your response rate by 80% by getting introductions to candidates and Drafted now ranks all connections to the candidate with an Intro Score letting you know who would be best for making the introduction.


Personalize every outreach with customized templates

Drafted lets you create customized templates for requesting introductions to candidates as well as for direct outreach saving you time crafting messages.

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