Top of funnel candidate tracking

A lightweight solution for tracking all inbound referrals and candidate outreach that syncs each night with your applicant tracking system.

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Built for the top of the funnel
Drafted Track is the lightweight solution for tracking your top of funnel candidates before they make it into your process.
Sycned with your ATS
Each night your candidates are synced from your applicant tracking system and moved into the corresponding stages in Track.
See all the candidate activity
Quickly filter candidates by the roles you're hiring and see the latest activity on the candidate by anyone on your recruiting team.

Lock step with your applicant tracking system

On every candidate, the ATS stage and Drafted stage will always be displayed on their profile. As the candidate moves through the stages in your ATS, Drafted will move them to the appropriate Drafted stage on a nightly basis.

One place for all the candidates activity

All activities made in Drafted on a candidate are recorded on their profile page. The referral information is displayed along with any emails that are sent by someone on your recruiting team from Drafted. Status changes are captured and recorded in the activity feed so you always have an audit trail.

Smart stage mapping between your ATS and Drafted

Save time having to move every candidate twice across multiple platforms. Control which ATS stages trigger a stage change in Drafted. You can group multiple stages under each stage in Drafted to keep candidate syncing streamlined.