Why top companies choose Drafted to build diverse teams

Drafted’s internal and external network can significantly increase the diversity in your hiring pipeline.

Used by the fastest growing companies

Drafted is a network.

Drafted is a network, not just an enterprise tool. It's more like LinkedIn than it is like Salesforce - this means that over time Drafted search becomes more powerful and lets you look into more than just employee first-degree connections.

Get referrals from your company's community.

Referrals are about community, networks, and building your employer brand, not just filling a couple of open positions and giving out a bonus. Drafted is the only tool that allows you to leverage your company community in getting referrals.


Increase employee engagement.

Drafted has a Slack app where employees can refer right through Slack. The dream workflow where you can post a job in Greenhouse but employees can refer through Slack - how awesome is that?

Proactive referrals work better than passive referrals.

Drafted makes it easy to source talent in your network and proactively request referrals from your team and friends.

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