Why top companies choose Drafted to build diverse teams

Diversifying your hiring strategy is just as important as diversity in your organization.

Used by the fastest growing companies

Drafted is a network.

Drafted is a referral network, not just an enterprise tool. It's more like LinkedIn than it is like Salesforce. Referrals aren't about workflows or boolean search (even though they help). Referrals are about making connections through your network.

Refer outside the box.

Referrals are about community, networks, and building your employer brand, not just filling a couple of open positions and giving out a bonus. Drafted is the only network that allows you to leverage your community in getting referrals with a pleasant experience for external referrers.


Engagement matters.

The most important part of referrals is the referrer experience. Drafted is built around making the experience for referrers amazing - through intelligent matches, suggested email copy, and even referring through chat.

Proactive referrals work.

Drafted helps you proactively request referrals from your team and friends - the best way to source, made easy.

Ready to be proactive?

To win at hiring, you need to be a best practices leader, not a best practices follower.