Drafted integrates with Workday.

Sync your jobs, candidates, and referrals with Workday. Drafted makes your referral tracking seamless.


Job Import

Import your jobs into Drafted with 1-click and keep them in sync.

Candidate Sourcing

Don't miss out on talent that's already in your network.

Email and Intros

10x your candidate response rates by getting intros through email.


Smart Matches

Drafted helps your team match their friends to open jobs and keeps your team engaged.



Get notified when Drafted finds new leads to chase, or new candidates to refer.



Automatically send referrals from Drafted into greenhouse to continue hiring at light speed.


Tammi Pirri

VP, People Ops at Klaviyo

Highest recommendation as Klaviyo has had great success using Drafted.

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“Our team found amazing people for our open roles, and they would happily make those referrals.”
“Drafted surfaces smart referral recommendations, making it extremely simple to make a referral. Everyone wins!”

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